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Ka’Chava is a meal replacement that claims to be one of the cleanest, most natural products available. This one-of-a-kind, on-the-go meal seeks to sustain your energy, control hunger, promote lean muscle, and assist with digestive health, and mental focus. It contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dairy, or soy.

Ka’chava is made of 70+ superfoods, and confidently claims to not replace a meal, but to provide convenient access to a complete, nutritious meal.


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I purchased this product and love it. No bloating, no headaches, no bad aftertaste. I am replacing 1 to 2 meals a day (usually 2 unless I work out really hard) with Ka’Chava and I’m already down 5lbs in less than a week. If you realize it’s not intended as your sole source of calories and you use it to replace meals (that would cost more than one serving costs), it’s a great, nutrient dense shake. I would definitely recommend it.

I’m very happy with the product overall and it tastes great. I have an all plant-based diet (vegan). This meal replacement helps me get the nutrition I may be lacking e.g. iodine and vitamin B12. I’m more than satisfied with the product. I think it is considerably overpriced, but if it were easy to put out everyone would be doing it.

I absolutely love both flavors of the Ka’chava.I drink one everyday instead of eating breakfast. If people would look at the benefits what it does for you compared to a little breakfast. Compare to what you spend and what little breakfast does for you, to how much Ka’Chava is a day and what it does for you. I feel so much better all around, when consistently drinking this shake daily. It also helps with my gout, drinking this shake helps with the blood circulation. Plus when you’re drinking this, I believe it helps set the mentality to eat healthier throughout the day.

My husband and I both love this product. I actually love the taste, it tastes like a chocolate shake. We both like it differently – I like mine cold and thick so I use a little less ice water (12oz) and my husband likes it thinner so he uses more. I have tried both a shaker bottle and blender and I have to say personally blender is the way to go.

I love Ka’chava. Yes, it’s expensive, but it tastes great (to me) even with just water. I’ve been mixing it with flax milk in a shaker, not even blending. It does need some more fat to balance out, I usually add flax or Udo’s oil. It’s love chocolate, like really really dark and do not like sweets. To me this is the perfect chocolate flavor. I tend to snack on dark chocolate all day and I think this is a much better habit, gives me some even energy.

I’ve order this twice( both chocolate) and was very satisfied with the product. I have a small and large cup shake mixers, and the shakes mixed up without any problem using the smaller, less powerful mixer regardless of what I use with it (water, almond milk, dairy milk, silk coffee creamers, combination mix, etc.) I continuing to use the product and try a new flavor because the overall benefits for my body wellness has been completely worth it. Better morning energy, slowed down my crazy appetite and helped me drop about 10 pounds in past 3 months. I’ll continue to b supportive of Ka’Chava until something stops me, hopefully that won’t happen.

It’s definitely worth it. It isn’t just a protein shake. It covers a lot of nutrients most people lack, and that encourages me to keep using it unlike other powdered drinks I’ve bought in the past. I don’t feel like an entirely new person now that my bases are covered, that would be expecting too much. But because I am consuming this regularly, I’m not overeating.

If you’re looking for something to taste like a chocolate bar, forget it. The “chocolate” has a hint of chocolate. This is NOT a chocolate drink. It’s a “deep-dive” into a high quality meal replacement. People complain about things, but I can’t here. I look forward to each and every glass! I actually put the 2 heaping scoops into a big empty glass and slowly add in unsweetened almond milk. I mix it all with a soup spoon by hand. I actually like the clumps and even not-fully-mixed/dry powder that sneaks in.


Is Ka’Chava a trustworthy company?
There is currently one customer review posted about Ka’Chava. On average, they received a star-grading of 10/10, with 100% of the reviewers indicating that they would buy from the brand again.

What services or products do Ka’Chava offer?
Ka’Chava is a meal replacement that claims to be one of the cleanest, most natural products available.

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Did you get a positive impression from the reviews? If so, then you can place your order on the Ka’Chava website with confidence.

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