You’ll Love These 8 Types of Party Shoes

When it comes to the party season, there’s a fine line between dressing festive and looking over-the-top. While you want to choose an outfit that’s appropriate for a celebration, one too many sequins can quickly turn your look from glamorous to gaudy. Luckily, there is a way to dress stylish and chic while maintaining the party mood. A stylish pair of party shoes will give your outfit a special touch without going overboard. From decadent designs and glittering metallic styles, these are the best party shoes to know.

1. Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes have been trending for a while now and there couldn’t be a better time to wear them than to a party. These high-shine, hero shoes are just the right amount of bling to turn any outfit into a chic party look. Choose between stiletto and mule styles to keep your look appropriately dressed up and classy. Shades such as gold and silver are the obvious choice and will provide maximum impact for your feet. While silver pairs well with clean and cool colours, such as white and blue, gold appears festive and radiant next to red hues. If you want something a little diffe

Metallic Shoes

2. Velvet Shoes

While metallic shoes will provide your outfit with bling, velvet styles will add a terrific touch of decadence. The rich and luxurious material is a new favourite for footwear, offering shoes a trend-worthy edge. Perfect for parties and celebrations, these lavish shoes are ideal for when classic heels just won’t do. Shop them in chunky styles to ensure a full effect. Platform sandal heels and boots are the best options for creating a stylish look while rich jewel tones make up the ideal colour palette. Although these unique shoes naturally pair well with all sorts of LBDs, opting for something a little less conventional can create a really sensational outfit.

Velvet Shoes

3. Frilled Shoes

Classifying which shoes are “party shoes” can be a tricky thing to do, but shoes with frills are definitely made for partying. Not only are they decorative and stylish, but they’re also unique and fun, making them ideal for celebratory occasions. Shoes with frills, ruffles, and fringing can take many forms, including boots, stilettos, and loafers. When heading to a party, however, a sleek pair of high-heels will always do the trick. Opt for smaller frills for a subtle touch or turn up the drama with oversized additions. The unusual silhouette and texture of frilled footwear will immediately make them a feature of your outfit. Keep them as the main attraction with a minimal outfit or play up their style by adding frills, ruffles or feathers to the rest of your look.

Frilled Shoes

4. Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats may not be the usual shoe choice for the party season, but they can make a surprisingly stylish option. The humble shoe has received a mini makeover recently with the introduction of dressier varieties. While at their core they’re still a flat, light, round-toe shoe, the new breed of ballerina flats has added interest. Whether it’s unique straps, buckles, wrap-around ribbons, or the introduction of a small heel, the modern ballerina flat has everything it needs to be a great party shoe. When you also consider just how comfortable these shoes are, there’s no doubt that they’ll become your new favourite pair.

Ballerina Flats

5. Stilettos and Pumps

Stilettos and pumps are easily one of the best styles of shoe for celebratory occasions. The classic choice is one that every lady goes to when she’s in need of a polished party look. The only trick to making this look work is picking a pair that are decidedly festive. After all, turning up to a party in shoes you would wear to the office will never win you style points. Instead, opt for classic stilettos with a twist. By keeping the style simple with a traditional point-toe pump, you’ll ensure your look is suitably elegant. Then, give your look an edge with unique details such as a bold colour or pattern, cool cut-outs, added straps or fun embellishments.

Stilettos and Pumps

6. Ankle Wrap Sandals

Ankle-wrap sandals put all the emphasis on your ankles, drawing eyes down toward your feet. By doing so, these shoes become a major feature of your outfit, which is exactly what you want them to be. These attention-grabbing party shoes are perfect for just about every celebration and have a style for every lady. From delicate single straps and chunky ankle cuffs to wrap-around ribbons and bands, ankle-wrap sandals come in many varieties. While you can find plenty of ankle-wrap flat sandals, for a chic look, we recommend a heeled version. Whether you prefer a slim stiletto or a thick, block style, the added height from the heel will help lengthen your foot and stop wrapped ankles from appearing heavy.

Ankle-Wrap Sandals

7. Flatform Sandals

Flatform sandals are back on trend and perfect for the party season. Spotted on countless runways for the Spring 2017 season, these chunky shoes are sure to be a big hit in the new year. Offering all the height with none of the pain, flatforms make a great alternative to heels. Although they may not appear stylish in the traditional sense, these thick and flat shoes provide outfits with a funky flair and a relaxed, “cool girl” vibe. Just remember to keep the rest of your look in check so that your shoes don’t look out of place. Keep things balanced with a loose but slim silhouette and laid-back or unique styles.

Flatform Sandals Trend

8. Booties

Not all parties call for evening wear and pumps. Some simply call for a chic look and stylish pair of party shoes. For those occasions, a festive pair of booties make for the ideal footwear. While standard heels may often appear stuffy and boring in the wrong setting, a pair of ankle boots can provide the right edge. Youthful and a little rock-and-roll, booties are the perfect addition to a modern party look. While black leather is a common choice, why not have a little more fun this festive season? Patent leather, unusual colours, animal prints, and added hardware will all give booties a stylish kick in the party direction.