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Instacart is a grocery delivery business that works with customers across the United States, delivering everything they need straight to their door at whatever time they request. Fast and affordable delivery for groceries and other household items from to retailers such as CVS Pharmacy, Total Wine, Costco, Sam’s Club, HEB, Petco, Target, and many others.

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I have used Instacart exclusively for our groceries for over 5 years -ish. It has improved in terms of picking subs, communicating with shoppers and they have added a lot of new stores. The mark up is HIGH. The best thing to do is shop what is on sale first and then fill in your cart with regular priced items. Food costs have skyrocketed …but I still get delivery bc there is no way I will go into a grocery store of any kind. I would advise you get an Instacart credit card for even more value . Customer service has always been stellar. Refunds are easy.

Amazing. Life changing. Not much more to say. If you aren’t using this app and paying for subscription you are a complete fool. This is going to make Amazon stocks look like a second rate company in a few years.

I have used Instacart several times since Covid started, and every experience was great! Communication was awesome, the quality of the produce chosen was great, and bagging was perfect too. I couldn’t be happier with their service. I usually give an additional tip to the baggers/deliverers as well because they’re great, and I appreciate their service and friendly communication.

I have had great and reliable service using I use the family cart I live over 160 miles away from my son, on a Friday his apt building had a power outage, son was in a panic, thanks to I was able to buy him two LED lanterns and Batteries from his local Walmart and dinner . Power came back on Monday. My son does not have a car so saved the day and I’m very thankful for the service they offer.

Still using a year later. Still having a great experience. Yes, it is a bit costly, but I’ve decided it’s worth it for my time. Some shoppers aren’t as good as others, but we never had a ‘bad’ experience and some shoppers are so fast and efficient, it blows my mind. (One lady did a 35+ item order at Costco for us and had it delivered in less than an hour. No mistakes, no replacements. Maybe we’re just lucky to have great people here in our town. IDK, but I love this service. I work ten hour days and being able to use Instacart gives me so much of my life back!

I ordered few times through this app, and i had some issues with the person picking my Order, for example i ordered organic and they didn’t have it, and they picked none organic, I noticed that the costumer service has been improved a lot since the first time i ordered they are responsive and try to fix the issues, for more accuracy they need to update the stocks more often, i think they need to add an option like if there is not the exact order don’t replace it instead leaving a comment. I am fine if there is an issue with the order as long as the costumer service fixes it!

More often than not I have little to no issue using instacart. Sometimes they run late which is understandable. IF an item isn’t in stock they give me a chance to do another brand or cancel the item and get refunded. The drivers/shoppers do a good job and being disabled they are willing to bring my groceries in the apartment for me. I have no problem leaving a generous tip for them as they do an amazing job. I know there will always be mistakes made. No one is immune to imperfections. I thank my lucky stars that they have this service for me.

I just wanted to share my experience with Instacart…I’ve used them twice before and everything worked out great and I recently placed an order where there was a little bit of a mixup and I will be honest and say it wasn’t on them but they refunded me all my money back after my groceries arrived and said don’t even worry about it…people make mistakes all the time! I’m very grateful and definitely will use them again!!!

Today was my first time using I received the wrong order I called and received my right order within 30 minutes after I called.. I had a real nice customer service.. Thanks and sorry for whom ever had bad experience with Instacart..

I have nothing but praise for Instacart. Their shoppers/delivery people follow instructions text before substituting, and if there are any issues they are handled quickly and fully. As a disabled person unable to shop myself for my family. I purchase the annual plan and shop weekly, or sometimes twice a week. Love It!

Every time I use this service, they are wonderful. I get excellent shoppers who go out of their way to find everything ordered. I am very thankful for the people who work there that do my shopping and deliver what I pay for. Yes, there are times what I ask or is not in stock and they substitute it properly upon my approval and they are happy doing it. They are wonderful!

Changed how I shop. Saved so much time and money using Instacart. And living in a city with no car, I’ve also been able to shop at stores I never would be able to shop from otherwise like Costco. It really has changed the game for me. And whenever they make an error I report it, I always get a refund on that item in a matter of hours. It’s appreciated.


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There is currently one customer review posted about Instacart. On average, with 100% of the reviewers indicating that they would buy from the brand again.

What services or products do Instacart offer?
Instacart is a grocery delivery business that works with customers across the United States.

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